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Kids are building, growing and powering their imaginations with Sprig’s eco-friendly toys. Smell the woodshop scent. Take ‘em for an adventure to places around the world and say bye-bye boring couch. Hello active fun!

The Adventure Series is a world full of vehicles, characters, and animals to take your child on a fun filled expedition on both land and water!

Join Sprig Hollow's Bee & Butterfly and a cast of wacky characters on adventures in the sand, garden, or pool. Includes playsets, vehicles, and outdoor tools all in one!

Playing in the sand and dirt is good clean fun with our affordable Eco-Trucks line that include Loader and Dump Truck.

Our Story Builders are classic tales of Princesses and working hard on Old Mac’s Farm. These playsets allow children to build fast and tell their own stories. Our Storybulding classics books are great on the go, a complete building playset and classic storybook all in one!

Sprig toys are
Kid-Powered Eco-friendly Battery-powered Expandable

Where play comes naturally

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